Blue Growth Pathways series launched at the final Moses event, 24th March 2021
March 30, 2021
MOSES featured in Basque Maritime
April 9, 2021

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On 24th and 25th March 2021, MOSES partner, the Socio-Marine Economic Unit (SEMRU), hosted the 5th International Symposium on the Oceans in National Income Accounts. As well as showcasing the work of MOSES the 2-day symposium involved representatives from government, industry, academia and international organisations who shared their national and international perspectives on progress made in measuring the ocean economy. They discussed ways in which international ocean economy statistics can be improved through satellite and natural capital accounting approaches as well as examining how the usage of such information by policymakers can be improved. The sessions are available to watch back below. The Book of Abstracts for the symposium can be downloaded here and the Speaker Profiles here
Session 1: Ocean Economy Accounts

  • Ms Yasmin Schinasi Romeu and Mr Angel Calvo Santos, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission
  • Ms Weiling Song, National Marine Data and Information Service, People’s Republic of China
  • Dr Seok-Woo, Choi, Korea Maritime Institute
  • Ethan Addicott, Yale School of the Environment, USA

SEMRU Session 1
Session 2: Ocean Economy Impact Analysis

  • Prof Cathal O’Donoghue, SEMRU, NUI Galway
  • Dr Jing Guo, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China
  • Prof Javier Fernandez-Macho, González, P. & Virto, J., University of the Basque Country, Spain
  • Dr Daniel Norton, SEMRU, NUI Galway, Ireland

SEMRU Session 2
Session 3: MOSES Blue Growth Pathway Case Studies

  • Dr Wesley Flannery, Queens University, Belfast, UK
  • Dr Christina Kelly, Queens University, Belfast, UK
  • Mr Régis Kalaydjian, IFREMER, France
  • Dr Zacharoula Kyriazi and Agnes Marhadour, CIIMAR, Portugal
  • Prof Frances Fahy, NUI Galway, Ireland
SEMRU Session 3
Session 4: The Big Challenges: Panel Discussion

  • Prof Roberto Danovaro, Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy
  • Dr Peter Heffernan, Member EU Mission Board for ‘Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal & Inland Waters’
  • Prof Charlie Colgan, Center for the Blue Economy, USA
  • Ms Ju-Hyeoun Kim, Korea Maritime Institute
  • Dr Denis Bailly, University of Brest, France

SEMRU Session 4
Session 5: Valuation and Natural Capital Accounting for the Oceans

  • Dr Tiziana Luisetti, CEFAS and Dr Gaetano Grilli, University of East Anglia, UK
  • Dr Gisele Magnusson, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Prof Charlie Colgan, Center for the Blue Economy, USA
  • Dr Rob Tinch, Economics for the Environment Consultancy Ltd, UK

SEMRU Session 5
Session 6:Ocean Satellite Account Developments

  • Prof Eli Fenichel, Yale School of the Environment, USA
  • Dr Jeong-In Chang, Korea Maritime Institute
  • Mr James Jolliffe, STI Ocean Economy Group, OECD
  • Mr Jeffery Adkins and Dr Monica Grasso, NOAA, USA

SEMRU Session 6