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The main research focus of the SOCIO-ECONOMIC MARINE RESEARCH UNIT is on the economic importance of coastal and off-shore marine environments. This involves examining the economic utility of the marine environment (e.g. transportation, recreation) and ecological value (e.g. fisheries, aquaculture) derived from the productivity of associated ecosystems. The coastal and contiguous marine environment surrounding Ireland and the EU in general provides the geographical focus for the research of the unit.

Queens University

Northern Ireland

The School of Natural and Built Environment (SNBE) at Queen’s University Belfast brings together researchers with a wide-range of expertise within diverse research clusters including: The Sustainable Built Environment, Environmental Change and Resilience, Culture and Society. Marine social science is a particularly important and growing area of expertise within SNBE. With a number of international and multidisciplinary research projects, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students studying topics related to governance, climate change, cultural heritage, and marine spatial planning in Europe, Africa and South America.

Northern & Western Regional Assembly


The Northern and Western Regional Assembly aims to play a transformative role in the success of our region. Our Vision is to craft a creative, vibrant and low-carbon regional economy. Our members and team simply want to ‘connect’ the strengths of this incredible region and celebrate its unique sense of place. The Assembly is intent on leading Ireland into 2040.



At AZTI, we are a Technology Center where we develop sustainable products, services and business initiatives aimed at activating the industrial make-up while recovering and preserving natural resources. Transforming science into sustainable and healthy development for society today and in the future is our hallmark.



IFREMER is a French institute that undertakes research and expert assessments to advance knowledge on the oceans and their resources, monitor the marine environment and foster the sustainable development of maritime activities.

Foro Marítimo Vasco


The Basque Maritime Forum was established as a non-profit-making organisation, which includes companies, associations, banks, research centres and universities, in 1993 and was officially recognised as a Priority Cluster by the Basque Government in 1999. The BMF’s mission is to represent, defend, consolidate, promote and improve the competitiveness of the companies in the Basque maritime sector by means of the services it offers in line with its Core Strategic Areas.



The CIIMAR – Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research – is a research and advanced training institution of the University of Porto. Its mission is to develop high-quality research, promote technological development and support public policies in the area of Marine and Environmental Sciences

Universidad del Pais Vasco


In a prosperous region stretching along the Atlantic coast of northern Spain, the people of the Basque Country are the custodians of one of Europe's most ancient languages and cultures. Yet, they not only have a high esteem for tradition, but are also remarkably forward-looking and have established a highly regarded industrial sector. The region's success and scientific and technological progress are underpinned by the University of the Basque Country, a vibrant 30-year-old institution with 45,000 students, 5,000 world-class academic staff and state-of-the-art facilities.

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