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December 17, 2018

Tourism Mobility in the Atlantic Arc

Coastal and maritime tourism is a growing business in the Atlantic Arc and can be a major source of growth and jobs, especially for young people. However, the mobile nature and cross-border character of tourism activities mean that undertaking a single site case study may not capture several issues as demand volatility, changes in Atlantic tourism behaviour, tourism sustainability and the effect of promoting strategic trans-regional partnerships. Instead, this case study will operate across all 5 Atlantic Arc countries and analyse a number of tourism indicators across time and space to identify trends and clustering of sustainable tourism. The outputs of this case study will help policymakers make more informed decisions in relation to designing integrated coastal tourism strategies. This case study is being led by Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea.

Quantitative analysis of tourism mobility in the Atlantic Arc

The main objective of Moses project work package 7 action 5: (Quantitative analysis of tourism mobility in the Atlantic Arc) is to develop an indicator system to perform a quantitative analysis of several features of tourism mobility (demand, supply, amenities, and connectivity) to detect trans-regional clusters. To do this WP7¬_Act5 has constructed a database and developed an indicator system that allows not only to assess the relative size and characteristics of the tourism sector in the Atlantic arc at NUTS3 level but to detect trans-regional clusters based on the similarities present in the data. The assessment of the coastal destinations provides information on the specific characteristics of the most popular destinations in the Atlantic Arc and identifies the regions whose economies are most dependent on tourism and those that suffer the most from the pressure of tourism. The detection of tourist trans-regional clusters in the Atlantic arc has been conducted using cluster and peripheral component analysis.
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