Objectives & Background

In the last decade, Europe’s ocean economy has received increasing policy attention, as evidenced in the publication and ongoing implementation of the EU’s Blue Growth Strategy, the Atlantic Strategy and its Action Plan, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, among others. These initiatives are all aimed at fostering the sustainable development of the EU’s marine resources.

The impact of current and potential human activities on marine and coastal ecosystems will therefore be a key determinant of ocean health and of the benefits received through ecosystem goods and services. With this in mind, the objective of this project is to examine the Blue Growth path for sustainable development of the major sectors operating in the Atlantic space as envisaged by the Atlantic Plan.

This project builds on the EU Interreg IV Marnet project by examining the growth achieved in the marine sectors across the Atlantic Arc.

The current project also focuses on examining the environmental pressures and impacts from the growing sectors and possible transition paths to sustainable blue growth.

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