Map 2 - Sea and Coastal Freight - Percentage Increase/decrease 2013 to 2015

Using the same database from WP 4, the growth in shipping tonnage handled from 2013-2015 was also estimated and mapped at NUTS3 level for the AA. This is shown in the map below. The indicator used is based on the gross weight of all goods handled. Therefore, it accounts for traffic both ways (imports and exports) and is an indicator used to measure sea and coastal freight water transport (NACE code 50 20). The map shows a mixture of both growth and shrinking across the NUTS3 regions. All of the Spanish NUTS3 AA regions showed growth in shipping during this period (12.1% growth). For Portugal, the map shows a mixture of growth and shrinkage at NUTS3 levels. However, overall, the story was one of growth of 10.9% during the period. For the Bay of Biscay NUTS3 regions, most areas saw shrinkage except for the Channel NUTS3 regions of France, which all saw growth. France had a slight shrinkage of goods handled in ports with a growth rate of -1.8%. The French Atlantic region (compared to the French Mediterranean) had a larger shrinkage of 3.3% during this period.
Looking at the UK and Ireland, two contrasting stories emerge in relation to the growth in shipping tonnage handled. Ireland experienced a growth of 8.4% in total, with growth observed in all but one NUTS3 region. The UK experienced a shrinkage of 1.3% but there are regional differences shown by the map with Western and Northern regions experiencing shrinkage while those in the South East saw growth. Overall the story during this period is one of growth for Ireland, Iberia and cross Channel NUTS3 regions, with other regions generally seeing a decrease.