Building a sustainable marine tourism trail through community voices: Rathmullan, Co. Donegal
March 25, 2021
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March 31, 2021

Blue Growth Pathways series launched at the final Moses event, 24th March 2021

The Blue Growth Pathways series is now available to download for several ocean industries across the Atlantic Area. Using the Transition Management (TM) framework, the potential of Blue Growth is identified by comparing drivers and barriers likely to impact the growth and assessing what is needed for a sustainable transition that supports national and regional development objectives. Transition management focuses on the development of sustainable pathways that can overcome barriers and maximize opportunities and can steer innovations to become established within reformed and more sustainable regimes. MOSES has adopted transition management as a broad analytical framework through which to understand existing marine management regimes and to stimulate thinking about how more sustainable regimes may be realized in the future. This has resulted in a series of booklets/guideline documents for some sectors of the marine, including ports & shipping; offshore renewable energy; aquaculture, marine & coastal tourism trails, and fisheries.

Blue Growth Series booklets

  • Christina Kelly, C. and Flannery, W. (2020). Blue Growth Pathway for Ports. Report available at here
  • Kalaydjian, R. (2020). Blue Growth Pathway for Offshore Renewable Energy. Report available here
  • Kyriazi, Z. and Marhadour, A. (2020). Blue Growth Pathway for Aquaculture. Report available here
  • Fahy, F., Carr, L., Norton, D., Farrell, D., Corless, R., Hynes, S. (2020). Blue Growth Pathway for Marine and Coastal Tourism Trail Development. Report available here
  • Murillas, A. and Prellezo, R. (2020). Blue Growth Pathway for Fisheries Report available here)