NEST conference, Lisbon, Portugal 4-5 April 2019  
April 4, 2019
RSA Research Network on Sustainability Transitions in the Coastal Zone, Limerick 12-15 April 2019
April 12, 2019

EAFE 2019 Conference


The work developed under WP5 has been presented by Arantza Murillas at the EAFE 2019 Conference.

The presentation was entitled “Operational instrument based on indices to assess the impact of marine sectors´activities on the marine environment”. Santiago de Compostela (Spain), 4th April 2019.

Following the initial assessments under the MSFD, the European Environment Agency (EEA) has highlighted the need to improve our understanding of the linkages between marine economic activities and the pressures and impacts exerted on the marine environment. One of the main goals of the MOSES project is to implement an inter-regional comparative analysis of the quantification of the Atlantic maritime economy, but also, of the marine environmental impact of the blue economy across the Atlantic Arc. The objective is to define a set of (economic) indicators that will allow us to assess the linkages between marine economic activities and their associated pressures on marine ecosystem services. These indicators will serve to create a common ground to conduct an inter-regional comparative analysis for the environmental pressure exerted by the blue economy across the Atlantic Arc.

The final aim is to give answer to the question: Are current and future maritime activities and their combination sustainable?

The MOSES promotional material was shared among the researchers attending the Blue Economy session under which the wp5 work was presented.

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